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Get Closer To God Than Ever In 7-Days!

I'm excited to announce the release of my FREE 7-day devotional with YouVersion Bible App entitled, "Closer Than Close: Closer to God Than You Ever Thought Possible." During this advent season (and into the New Year), I'd love to journey with you and yours in awakening a God who has already made himself as close to you as…
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Union with Christ Unpacked | Dr. Donald Fairbairn

In this interview, Dean of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Charlotte, Dr. Donald Fairbairn, sits down with me to unpack the doctrine of union with Christ. Author of, "Life In The Trinity," Dr. Fairbairn is one of the most renown experts in the doctrine of union with Christ. This was a real treat for me; hopefully for…
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Why Millennials Want To Be ONE With God | Dr. Sbanotto

Dr. Betsy Sbanotto (Ph.D, University of Arkansas) is on the faculty at Denver Seminary and co-author of, "Effective Generational Ministry" (Baker) with Dr. Craig Blomberg and "Skills For Effective Counseling" (IVP Academic). Dr. Sbanotto is lauded as one of the foremost experts in generational differences and is a highly sought after consultant for in both…
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How to Hear God’s Voice (Clearly)

Sitting silently and still is not easy for someone with Tourettes Syndrome. Over the last few years, however, God has given me the grace to sit in this posture with Him most mornings. Below is a brief outline of my experience in hearing and discerning The Fathers voice in these moments–which consequently seems to mirror Elijah’s…
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