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Fil Anderson LIVE and FREE

As promised, I am posting all of the interviews I did during last month's launch of, "Closer Than Close: Awakening To The Freedom of Your Union with Christ." I've been blown away with the impact the book is making in people's lives. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, you can do that HERE. The below interview…
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Why Black Lives HAVE To Matter | An Interactive Learning Experience

Imagine sitting over dinner with me and my wife, Monica, and experiencing the following argument: Monica: I Matter Me: Our Marriage Matters Monica: Ok. But I Matter too, yes? Me: Our Marriage Matters Monica: But, I Matter! Me: Don't segregate our marriage into "me" and "you." Our Marriage Matters. What would you say to me?…
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Oneness with Others | Kevin Palau

In light of the recent racial tensions in Charlotte and Tulsa, I wanted to offer this interview with Kevin Palau as a source of hope and inspiration. Kevin is the CEO of the Louis Palau Association having orchestrated unified Christian events and Gospel responses to suffering around the globe. Kevin is the author of "Unlikely:…
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J. Todd Billings Interview | Union with Christ

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting the interviews I recorded during launch week of my book, "Closer Than Close." I'll post one interview a week right here on

Future interviews will include:

Kevin Palau (CEO of Louis Palau Association and author of Unlikely)

Fil Anderson (Spiritual Director and author of Running on Empty)

Dr. Charles Raith (Assistant Professor of Theology, John Brown University)

Betsy Sabatto (Professor, Denver Seminary and author of Effective Generational Ministry)

Nathan Foster (Director of Community Life at Renovare)

My personal mission is to "awaken others to the freedom of their union with Christ." That is the reason I wrote "Closer Than Close," the reason for this website, and the reason for this blog. I want this blog (and site) to be an online resource for all those interacting with this doctrine. Please share these posts with friends and family, or anyone you know who may be interested in journeying with me in this mission.

Without further ado, I give to you Dr. J. Todd Billings. Enjoy!



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