Closer than Close:

Awakening to the Freedom of your Union with Christ


"If you plan on reading just one book this year about your life with God, this is the book you must read."

                      - Fil Anderson
                         Author, Running on Empty

How many times have you heard someone say, "I want to be close to God," or "I feel far from Jesus?" For many of us, we have been led to believe that our relationship with Jesus is based on proximity--a sliding scale of "near" or "far" based on the faithfulness of our spiritual devotion.

But what if being "close" to you isn't good enough for Jesus? What if he wants to be closer than close? Instead of simply having a "personal relationship," what if Jesus longs to be "perfectly one" with you instead?

In this achingly bold and beautiful book, pastor, scholar, friend, and now author, Dave Hickman, invites you into his personal journey from striving to abiding, anxiety to peace, weariness to rest; from having a relationship with Jesus to awakening to the freedom of his union with Christ. Through careful attention to Scripture, personal stories, and witty examples, Dave takes the reader on an adventure into the depths of our personal and corporate union with Jesus Christ. As he does, you too can discover the freedom and wonder of what is already yours in Christ--perfect union with God and others.

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