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Dave specializes in helping others awaken to the freedom of their union with Christ.

Since 2013, Dave has presented the freeing message of "union" with Christ to over 100,000 people across the United States. From seminary classrooms to student conferences, Dave's passion is to see all people awaken to the freedom that is already theirs in Christ Jesus.

Dave also specializes in the following topics/areas:

  • Ministering to Millennials
  • Spiritual Growth and Formation
  • Personal Identity
  • Ancient Practices of the Christian Faith
  • Christian Apologetics
  • Cultural Analysis and Engagement
  • Mental Health Issues (Depression, Anxiety, OCD, TS)
  • Conferences and Denominational Gatherings
  • Guided Retreats (individual and corporate)


What is "Union with Christ?" Listen to how Dave puts it:


Union with Christ (Audio)

Does Jesus want to be close to you, or "closer than close?" Watch to find out!


Closer Than Close Sermon from Dave Hickman on Vimeo.


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